Is this emphatic? (from ex.#69)

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Is this emphatic? (from ex.#69)

Post by boomars » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:42 am

In exercise 69 of the Latin For Beginners textbook, question no. 3 has the following sentence:

Diana, lunae clarae pulchra dea, lata in silva habitat.

I can identify 'pulchra' and 'lata' as being emphatic, but I do not understand why 'lunae' is not emphatic.

According to the textbook, it says that 'Possessive pronouns and modifying genitives normally stand after their nouns. When placed before their nouns they are emphatic.'

'lunae' is in the genitive and is placed before its noun, which is 'dea'. So it should be emphatic. Can anybody tell me if I am right or not?

Thanks. :)

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