BLD: §135 Imperfect Active Inidcative

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BLD: §135 Imperfect Active Inidcative

Post by Timothy » Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:03 am

§135 I

3. Pugnant, laudabas, movebatis
K: they were fighting, you were praising, they were moving.

Should be:
They do fight, you were praising, You were moving.

6. Videbant, movebas, nuntiabamus
K: they were seeing, you were moving, they were announcing.

Should be:
they were seeing, you were moving, We were announcing.

7. Necabat, movebam, habebat, parabatis
K. they were killing, I was moving, he was having, they were preparing.

Should be:
He was killing, I was moving, he was having, You were preparing.

Under the heading "Am I getting ahead of the myself?"

If memory serves, the other forms of translation for the imperfect tense are similar to those used for the present indicative i.e

I loved,
I did love,
I was loving.

I find that these forms lead to a more natural translation i.e movebat, (He moved.) It sort of stuck out that those forms weren't introduced. However, there may be a "perfect/pluperfect" something or other that distinguishes between "was moving" and "moved" in terms of a past act in progress and a past, completed act. So I don't want to start using a translation that will conflict with a later lesson.

- Tim

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Post by ingrid70 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:36 pm

Those pesky verb forms. *sigh*


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