Colloquendi formulae: Tabula vicesima quarta, pars quarta

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula vicesima quarta, pars quarta

Post by Franmorar » Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:24 pm

TABULA VICESIMA QUARTA (pars quarta et ultima)
ΠΙΝΑΞ Ο ΤΕΤΑΡΤΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΙΚΟΣΤΟΣ (μέρος τὸ τέταρτον καὶ ἔσχατον)

Several common expressions (cont.)

Let’s cast (draw) lots for this, let's toss for this. Res revocetur ad sortem (sorte dijudicetur). Κληρώμεθα.
Διὰ τοῦ λαγχάνειν διακρίνωμεν.

Come, let’s leave (omit) these things. Age, omittamus ista. Ἄγε, ταῦτα παραλείπωμεν.

Now let’s see the other things. Jam porro videamus cetera. Ἐπὶ τοίνυν σκοπῶμεν τὸ λοιπόν.

I did it out of consideration for you. Merito tuo hoc fecit. Σοῦ χάριν τοῦτο ἔπραξε.

This will result in your advantage. Utilitatem redundabit hoc ad tuam. Τοῦτό σοι εἰς ὄνησιν ἥξει.

You have taken a hard work. Provinciam cepisti duram. Χαλεπὸν ἔργον ἐπεχείρησας.

You will have to deal with Francis. Res tibi erit cum Francisco. Πρᾶγμά σοι ἔσται πρὸς Φραγκίσκον.

You’ll pay for this! Hoc feres non multum. Δίκην μοι δώσεις.

He got what he deserved. Meritissimo ejus. Ἔπαθεν ἃ προσῆκε.

To punish somebody to teach the others a lesson. Exemplum severitatis in aliquo statuere (edere). Παράδειγμα σεμνότητος τοῖς ἄλλοις ποιεῖν τινα.

You are adding that of your own making (invention). De tuo illud addis. Ἀπὸ σαυτοῦ ἐκεῖνο προτίθης.

This happens frequently. Hoc saepe usuvenit. Τοῦτο πολλάκις ἐνδέχεται.

From top to toe. A capite usque ad calcem. Ἐκ ποδῶν εἰς κεφαλήν.

(Do it) without delay. Dicto citius. Abjecta omni cunctatione. Θᾶττον λόγου. Ἀμελλητί.

He’s as well hungry and thirsty. Et esurit et sitit. Καὶ πεινῇ καὶ διψῇ.

This man says he’s hot (he feels heat), and that one says he’s cold (he feels cold). Hic se calere (aestuare) dicit, ille se frigere (algere). Ὃ μὲν λέγει τεθέρμασθαι (θερμῶς ἔχειν), ὃ δὲ κατέψυχθαι (ῥιγῶν, ῥιγοῦν).

Today it’s hot, but yesterday it was cold. Hodie calor est, heri autem frigus (fuit). Σήμερον μὲν θερμός ἐστιν ὁ ἀήρ (θερμόν, θάλπος ἐστί), ἐχθὲς δὲ ψυχρὸς ἦν (ψῦχος ἦν).
Hominibus totam versandam constat esse bibliothecam, ut solam utilem scribere sententiam possint.

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