Colloquendi formulae: Tabula vicesima quarta, pars prima

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula vicesima quarta, pars prima

Post by Franmorar » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:04 pm


Several common expressions. Variae locutiones familiares. Ποικίλαι φράσεις συνήθεις.

For example. Verbi causa. Verbi gratia. Exempli causa. Λόγου χάριν (ἕνεκα). Παραδείγματος ἕνεκα.

As a (mere) formality. Dicis causa. Πρὸς ἀφοσίωσιν.

On tiptoe. Suspenso pede. Ἀκροποδητί, ἀκροποδιτί.

With equal advantage, on equal terms. Aequo Marte. Ἐκ τοῦ ἴσου, ἐκ τῶν ἴσων.

By one’s self. Suo Marte. Αὐτοχειρί.

According to circumstances. Pro re (nata). Κατὰ τὰς περιστάσεις.

For my share. Insofar as I can (do it). As far as in me lies. Pro mea parte. Τὸ κατ’ ἐμέ. Τὸ ἐπ’ ἐμοί.

As much as I can. To the utmost (best) of my abilities. Pro virili parte. Καθ’ ὅσον δύναμαι.

Insofar as you can. Quoad ejus facere poteris. Ὅσον ἔσται ἐπὶ σοί.

In proportion (to). Pro portione. Pro rata (portione). Ἀναλογάδην. Κατ’ ἀναλογίαν. Κατὰ λόγον.

Without sparing, abundantly. Plena manu. Πλήρει χειρί.

In full view of everyone. In propatulo (aedium). Προφανῶς.

Depending on the weather. Pro caeli conditione. Κατὰ τὸν χρόνον.

As you like, as you will. Ex animi tui sententia. Κατὰ γνώμην τὴν σήν.

If you like. Si tua fert voluntas. Εἰ ἔστι σοι βουλομένῳ.

I like this. Hoc a me facit. Τοῦτό μοι ἀρέσκει.

Choose which (of the two) you like. Utravis (utralibet) accipe. Ὁπότερα δέχου.

Seriously, in earnest. Ex animi sententia. Σπουδῇ. Ἐτεόν.

Jokes, no more! It’s enough for jokes. Aufer nugas. Λῆγε τῆς παιδιᾶς.

If you will pardon the expression. Salva audientium reverentia (abl.). Dicto sit venia. Bona adstantium sit venia. Honor sit auribus. Ἵλεῳ εἴητε λέγοντί μοι.

I’ll say it, begging your pardon. Bona venia tua dixerim. Pace tua dixerim. Τῇ σῇ συγχωρήσει εἴποιμι (λέξαιμι). Συγχώρησόν μοι λέγειν.

It’s over. Actum est. Πέπρακται. Διαπέπρακται.

Well done! O factum bene! Καλῶς πεποιημένον.

Very well! Bravo! Bene habet! Bene est! Καλῶς ἔχει.

I am sorry. Nollem factum. Ἀηδῶς φέρω.

I’m not sorry at all. I don’t regret anything. Haud muto factum. Οὐ πάρεστί μοι λύπη.

Still! Don’t move! Quiesse melius erit! Κακῶς ὄλοιτο ὅστις πόδα κινήσειε.

So that you might not feel let down (disappointed). Ne tu frustra sis. Ἵνα (ὡς) μὴ γνώμῃ σφάλλῃ.

Contrary to what he says. Contra ac dicit. Ἄλλως ἢ λέγει.

In accordance with my duty. Pro eo ac debui. Ὡς ἔδει με ποιεῖν.

As it was fit, suitable, proper. Ut par erat. Ὡς πρέπον ἦν.

As far as (it was) possible. Quoad ejus fieri potuit. Κατὰ τὸν ἐνδεχόμενον (δυνατόν).

To tell you the truth, to be honest... Ut verum loquar. Ne dicam dolo. Τῷ ὄντι. Ἵνα τἀληθῆ λέγω.

Νot to tell you a lie… Ne quid mentiar. Ὡς μὴ ψεῦδος ψεύδωμαι.

It’s up to you to teach. Tuae sunt partes docere. Σόν ἐστι διδάσκειν.

It’s my turn now. Meae nunc partes sunt. Ἐμὸν νῦν ἐστι.

Each in turn. Sua quisque vice. Suo quisque ordine. Ἐκ περιτροπῆς. Ἐκ διαδοχῆς. Κατὰ διαδοχήν.

There is no rush for this matter. Res habet moram. Πρᾶγμα διατρίβην ἀνέχεται.

This is of concern to you, this is concern of yours. Tua res est (agitur). Τὸ σὸν ἔργον ἐστὶ τοῦτο.
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