Colloquendi formulae: Tabula quinta decima

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula quinta decima

Post by Franmorar » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:07 pm


On some games. De variis ludis. Περὶ τῶν ποικίλων παιδιῶν.

Would you play something? Placetne tibi ludere? Ἆρά σοι ἀρέσκει παίζειν;

Let’s play together. Inter nos ludamus. Συμπαίζωμεν.

How much will we bet on the game? Qua sponsione vis ludere? Τίνι ἐγγυήσει παίζειν βούλει;

To win the bet. Sponsione (sponsionem) vincere. Τῆς ἐγγυήσεως ἐπικρατεῖν.

I accept the condition. Condicionem non respuo. Ὁμολογίᾳ συντίθεμαι.

I concede the victory to you.I consider you the winner. Tibi cedo. Σοὶ δίδωμι.

To give someone another chance to change the score (to play the return game). Reddere certaminis potestatem. Lusus (gen.) repetendi copiam facere. Συγχωρεῖν ἴσοις ἴσα ἀνταμείβεσθαι. Τὴν ἀμοιβὴν προσφέρειν.

Come on, let’s play again to change the score (for the return game). Age, certamen instauretur. Ἄγε, ὁ ἆθλος ἀνασκευαζέσθω.

To prompt somebody to play. Ludo aliquem poscere. Προκαλεῖσθαί τινα εἰς παιδιάν.

I’m not afraid of him at playing ball. I’m not scared of playing ball with him. De pila palmaria non eum metuo. Περὶ τῆς σφαιρομαχίας οὐδὲν πρὸς αὐτοῦ δέδοικα.

Hunting and ball games entertain me very much. Animum meum mire recreat (reficit, oblectat, afficit) venationis usus et pila. Τῇ σφαιρίσει καὶ τῇ θήρᾳ ὑπερχαίρω.

To play ball. Ludere pila (abl.). Σφαιρίζειν.

He teach him to play ball. Docet eum pila (abl.). Αὐτὸν διδάσκει σφαιρίζειν.

To race somebody. Cursu ad metas contendere. Σταδιοδρομεῖν.

To play bowling, ninepins. Trunculis ludere. Τοῖς στελεχίοις παίζειν.

To play chess. Latrunculis ludere. Τὸ ζατρίκιον παίζειν.

To play checkers. Calculis ludere. Τοῖς πεσσοῖς παίζειν.

To spin the top. Versare (agitare, rotare, torquere) turbinem. Ῥομβεῖν. Τῷ ῥόμβῳ παίζειν.

To play odd or even. Ludere par impar. Τὰ ἄρτια καὶ περιττὰ παίζειν.

To learn fencing. Discere rudibus. Παιγνιωδῶς μονομαχεῖν.

He practices fencing (alone). Rudibus eludit (digladiatur). Παιγνιωδῶς μονομαχεῖ.

To fence, to practice with somebody. Battuere cum aliquo (rudibus). Γυμνάζεσθαι μετά τινος.
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