Colloquendi formulae: Tabula quarta decima

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula quarta decima

Post by Franmorar » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:24 am


Selling, buying, paying. Vendere, emere, solvere. Πωλεῖν, ὠνεῖσθαι, ἐκτίνειν.

To sell in an auction. Per praeconem (auctione) vendere. Δημιοπράττειν.

To ask how much a thing costs. Mercis pretium exquirere. Τὴν τιμὴν πυνθάνεσθαι.

How much does this cost? Quanti est hoc? Quanti hoc venit (constat)? Πόσου τοῦτο (πωλεῖται);

How much do you sell this for? Quanti hoc judicas (aestimas)? Πόσου τοῦτο πωλεῖς;

At what price was this sold? Quanti hoc veniit? Τίνι τιμῇ τοῦτ’ ἐπωλήθη;

This is priceless. Hoc extra pretium est. Τοῦτο πλείστου ἄξιόν ἐστι.

This costs me nothing. I got it for free. Hoc mihi gratis constat. Τοῦτο προῖκα (κατὰ δωρεάν) ἔτυχον.

I have to pay a lot for this. This costs me a lot. Mihi magno constat. Ἔχω λαβὼν πολλῆς τιμῆς.

He bought a (very) expensive book. Librum comparavit impenso. Πολλῆς τιμῆς (πολλοῦ) βιβλίον ἐπρίατο (ὠνήσατο < ὠνέομαι).

He bought a (very) low-priced book. He took the opportunity of buying a (very) cheap book. Librum comparavit vili. Ὀλίγου (εὐωνότατον) βιβλίον ὤνατο (< ὀνίνημι).

He sells cheaper than others. Vendit minoris ceteris. Εὐωνότερον πωλεῖ ἢ ἄλλοι.

The supplies went down in price. Laxavit annona. Τὸ σιτηρέσιον ἀξιώτερόν ἐστι.

Horses are low-priced now. Jacent equorum pretia. Αἱ τῶν ἵππων τιμαὶ ἐπ’ ἔλαττον ἐβάδισαν.

It’s up to you to value it. Tua judicatio est. Σόν ἐστι κρίνειν.

These apples cost a quarter each one. Poma haec teruncio aestimantur, adaequato singillatim pretio. Ταῦτα μῆλα δύναται τεταρτημόριον, ἀπὸ τοῦ ἴσου.

They agreed on the price for it. Venerunt ad pactionem. Ὡμολόγησαν ταῖς συνθήκαις.

He didn’t keep the agreement. Non stetit conventis pactis. Τὰς συνθήκας παρέβη (οὐκ ἐφύλαξε).

This caused me to contract many debts. Hoc mihi aes alienum attulit. Τοῦτό με εἰς τὰ χρέα ἐνέβαλε.

He contracted many debts in Rome. Multa Romae nomina contraxit. Πολλὰ ἐν Ῥώμῃ ὀφείλει.

To pay in the appointed day. Ad tempus (ad diem dictam) respondere (solvere). Πρὸς ἡμέραν τεταγμένην ἐκτίνειν. Ἐμπροθέσμως τὰ χρήματα καταβάλλειν.

He has (enough) money to pay. Solvendo (ger.) est. (< Solvendo aeri alieno est). Πρὸς ἔκτισιν εὐπορεῖ.

Pay me what you owe me. Dissolve mihi quod debes. Τὸ χρέος μοι ἀποδίδου.

I have already paid you . Habes tibi res solutas. Χρέος σοι ἐγὼ ἔλυσα.

I will take you to court. Tibi scribam (dicam). Ad judicem veniemus. Σοὶ δίκην ἐπάξω. Εἰς δίκην ἐλευσόμεθα.

To demand (exact) one’s money.To have one’s money paid. Nomina exigere. Τὸ χρέος εἰσπράσσειν.

To pay one’s debts off. Solvere (dissolvere) aes alienum (nomina). Τὰ χρήματα καταβάλλειν.
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