Colloquendi formulae: Tabula nona

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula nona

Post by Franmorar » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:30 pm


Doing a favor, giving thanks. Officium adhibere, gratias agere. Εὐεργετεῖν, εὐχαριστεῖν.

Please, do this for me. Adhibe erga me istud beneficium (istud erga me beneficium adhibe). Hoc beneficium adhibe. Ταύτην τὴν εὐεργεσίαν με εὐεργέτει. Ταύτην τὴν χάριν μοι νέμε. Ταύτην μοι φέρε χάριν.

Please, help me, I beg you. Id, amabo, adjuva me. Τοῦτο, δέομαί σου, εὖ με ποίει.

Could you do me a favor? Would you help me in that? Potesne me ad illud adjuvare? Ἦ δύνασαι πρὸς τοῦτό με ὠφελεῖν;

Who has helped you? Quem adjutorem habuisti? Τίνα ἔσχες βοηθόν;

What favor did I do for you? Quid de te merui (commerui)? Τί σε ὠφέληκα; Τίνος ἀγαθοῦ αἴτιός σοι γεγονα;

What shall I say to please you? Quid pro tuo desiderio dicam? Τί σου χάριν ἐρῶ;

Can I offer my services? How can I help you? Numquid est quod opera mea vobis opus sit? Μή τι ὑμῖν τίνα ὄνησιν δύναμαι φέρειν;

I’ll do this with all my heart, with the greatest pleasure. Nihil est aeque quod faciam lubens. Τοῦτο ἀσμεναίστατα (μάλα ἑκών) ποιήσω.

I’am at your service. Tuus sum mancipio et nexu. Ἐμαυτόν σοι ὑποβάλλω. Ὑπὸ σοί εἰμι.

Do (order) as you like. Omnia tibi patent. Πάντα σοι ἐπιτρέπω. Ἐπὶ σοί ἐστι πάντα.

I am very truly yours. Totus tuus sum. Σοὶ ὑπηρετῶ.

He did me many favors. Multis me de beneficiis complexus est (devinxit). Πόλλ’ ἀγαθά με ἐποίησε (εἰργάσατο).

He offered me his services. Ad operam suam professus est. Τὴν χρείαν μοι ἐπήγγειλε.

He is the most obliging, helping man I have ever met. Est omnium, quos quidem noverim, officiosissimus. Πάντων ὧν ἔγνων ἐστὶν ὑπηρετικώτατος.

Thank you (very much). Tibi gratias (plurimum) habeo (ago, refero). Χάριν (πολλήν) σοι ἔχω. Σοὶ εὐχαριστῶ.

I’m very obliged to you for this. Plurimum (magnopere) tibi debeo. Amo te de hac re. Σοὶ πολλὴν χάριν ὀφείλω. Χάριν τούτου ἐγώ σοι ἔχω.

I’m very grateful to you for not neglecting that. Amo te, et non neglexisse habeo gratiam. Εὐχαριστῶ σοι (χάριν οἶδά σοι) ἀνθ’ ὧν τούτου οὐκ ἠμέλησας.

You could not please me more. You have made me so grateful to you! Hoc mihi gratius facere nihil potes. Τούτου μοι ἥδιον οὐδὲν δύνασαι ποιεῖν.

The memory of this favor will never be blotted out of my mind. Nunquam illius rei (illius beneficii) memoria effluet (discedet). Nulla hujus rei (hujus beneficii) memoriam oblivio obscurabit. Οὐδέποτε ἐκείνου (ἐκείνης εὐεργεσίας) ἀμνημονεύω. Οὐδέποτε τοῦτο εἰς λήθην ἐλεύσεται (ἐν λήθῃ κείσεται).
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