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by Zeus the Goddess
Wed Aug 13, 2003 3:45 pm
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Topic: Pardon my senility!
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Pardon my senility!

I blame it for why I have not been introduced.<br /><br />Greek I am learning to decipher that famous passage of Homer concerning names of places and how many men and ships they had and too many names of generals to remember afterwards. A passage so tedious and yet a part of our great literature sur...
by Zeus the Goddess
Wed Aug 13, 2003 3:33 pm
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Topic: Why Learning is Horrible
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Re:Why Learning is Horrible

Money that would be better spent on donuts<br /><br />Time that would better be spent consuming donuts<br /><br />A phone line that could be better disconnected so that nobody could interfere with the joy of donuts<br /><br />Conclusion:<br />Learning is to fill up time that is void of donuts.
by Zeus the Goddess
Sun Jun 01, 2003 7:31 am
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Topic: Harry Potter in our favorite languages
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Mr Men and Little Miss

I want to see the Mr. Men and Little Miss series in Latin!!!!!!!!!! That would just make my day! ;D ;D ;D