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Latin Prose Composition

Latin Prose Composition for the Middle Forms of Schools by North and Hillard is perhaps the best known Latin composition book.  First authored in the late 19th century, this Latin composition book is still taught in classrooms to this day.

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First Greek Writer

Arthur Sidgwick’s First Greek Writer is a beginning level Greek Composition book. What makes this book so valuable for the beginning Greek learner are Sidgwick’s simple and direct presentations of topic, example sentences in Greek with English translations, and lessons. … Continue reading

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A New Latin Prose Composition

Learn Latin with this 299 page companion to Charles Bennett’s A Latin Grammar.

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Latin Prose Composition Key

Learn Latin with North and Hillard’s Latin Prose Composition Key.  They Key, in Latin, provides answers to Latin Prose Composition which is also available. Fixed version provided by bedwere 03/15/2017.

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Latin for Beginner’s Key

No key was produced by the publisher of Benjamin L. D’Ooge’s Latin For Beginners because the textbook was intended for classroom use. To help independent learners, this key was prepared by a small group of Textkit Forum members who were … Continue reading

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NT Greek in a Nutshell

“Greek in a Nutshell. An Outline of Greek Grammar With Brief Reading Lessons Designed for Beginners of the New Testament” by James Strong is a very small hand-out of only 30 pages. It features very brief notes on construction and … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Language and Verse of Homer

Download this helpful learning aid for students of Homeric Greek.  Seymour’s Introduction to the Language and Verse of Homer provides the learner with an advanced discussion of Homeric style and syntax.

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Homeric Greek – A Book for Beginners

Download Clyde Pharr’s Homeric Greek – A Book For Beginners.  At 439 pages this Homeric Greek textbook is intended for the beginner with no Greek experience.

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First Greek Grammar Syntax

For learners with beginning Ancient Greek experience, this book provides excellent discussion and examples of Greek Sytnax. See also the companion book – First Greek Grammar Accidence.

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First Greek Grammar Accidence

This free and downloadable grammar outlines in tables Greek accidence, such as definite articles, declensions of nouns and adjectives, verb endings, irregular verbs and more.  It is designed to be used with First Greek Grammar Syntax and is intended for … Continue reading

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