The Gospel of St. Luke in Greek

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Download this free New Testament Greek reader of the Gospel of St. Luke. This reader provides the St. Luke’s Gospel in Greek along with line notes and a helpul vocabulary to assist the Biblical Greek learner.

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3 Responses to The Gospel of St. Luke in Greek

  1. Keith Van Soest says:

    Some 50 years ago I majored in Latin, Greek and Ancient History.
    Over the years I have not had an opportunity to keep up my Greek,
    reason why I would like to have the text in Greek. Is the copy you
    provide the one of Van Tischendorf or Erasmus?

  2. Keith Van Soest says:

    Pardon me. Correction: It’s Von Tischendorf, not ‘Van.”

  3. joseph says:

    thanks. hope to be able to read it within three years Gw. joseph.

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