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Which dialect to start with knowing that I will do koine in

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Which dialect to start with knowing that I will do koine in

Postby kreggurree » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:59 pm

As the title says I am trying to decided which dialect to start my studies with. I have read the other threads on this topic and if I was doing this all in my own time I would certainly start with Attic or Homeric and move onto Koine.

Well I know that I have 6 months and then I start Koine "officially" so the questions is :
Do I just get stuck in and ahead on the koine greek, then at a later date branch out (in the later parts of or after bible college) OR do I start with one of the other dialects now and switch in October?

I lean towards starting with Homeric or Attic because as much as I get ahead with Koine I will then turn up to a absolute beginners class again, I would still be a little ahead due to the overlap but counteracted by changing semantics.

My budget says Koine greek as I can find out the texts I will use at college and buy those ones to save buying more than I have too.

Another questions : if I go non koine do I go Homeric or Attic?

In the long run (I know this won't be achievable within my bible college years) I want to be able to comfortably (ish) read the greek new testament and hopefully other works in Ancient Greek.

ps. hello everyone, I am new here but I intend to stay around as I learn. I am currently in the Czech Republic so have been learning a language with 7 cases!
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Re: Which dialect to start with knowing that I will do koine

Postby Ahab » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:45 pm

Welcome to Textkit. :)

Speaking from my personal experience, I would suggest spending the 6 months on Koine in order to be fully prepared for your class. I would not think that short of a time period would be enough to give you a good grounding in either Attic or Homeric Greek, unless you are also planning on spending as much of your free time as possible immersing yourself in either one.
Please bear in mind that I am a rather slow learner. It is likely that your language acquisition skills are higher than mine and so you would not find it too confusing to switch course so soon after starting your study of Greek.
As fare as choosing between Homeric or Attic Greek - what are your interests? Do you prefer reading Homer to reading, say, Plato or Sophocles? Or are you more interested in a particular period of Greek history?
Am sure you will receive some good advice from some of the other more experienced posters here. Best of luck in your studies.
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