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re: confirm translation

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re: confirm translation

Postby caeruleus » Mon Dec 08, 2003 4:52 pm


Is my translation of this simple sentence from the English correct?

Example: Once upon a time there was (est) a beautiful girl.

Result: Olim puellam pulchram est.

Or: Olim est puellam pulchram.

This English-language sentence stems from the title "Latin Via Ovid-A First Course-Second Edition" on page 17.

It seems that the first one would be more correct in usage. Reason being, is the important placement of the subject and verb. What do you think?

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Postby Episcopus » Mon Dec 08, 2003 5:18 pm

Olim erat puella pulchra.

erat - was
puella pulchra - pretty girl (nominative)

You had it in the accusative (objective) case...For there is/are/was/were etc. the verb comes first i.e In silva sunt multae puellae pulchrae.
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Postby benissimus » Mon Dec 08, 2003 6:06 pm

It doesn't always, but I suppose you should use whatever is most common first.
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Postby klewlis » Mon Dec 08, 2003 7:00 pm

Episcopus wrote:Olim erat puella pulchra.

erat - was
puella pulchra - pretty girl (nominative)

You had it in the accusative (objective) case...

(nouns with sum take the nominative instead of accusative, as they become complements instead of direct objects)
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