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Scholiastic Phoenix: Scholiastae.org (and some Aoidoi)

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Scholiastic Phoenix: Scholiastae.org (and some Aoidoi)

Postby annis » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:11 am

Just under three years ago I started up a new site in which I installed Wiki software with some add-ons I wrote to make it easy (well, easier) to mark up texts like I do for Aoidoi.org. It was a flop. After a few initial things, I became the sole user of the thing. So, at the end of April, the Wiki will be shut down.

I did manage to get a few texts well commented into the Wiki, and these I have rescued by typesetting pretty much the same way I do for Aoidoi. For an example, see Epictetus 1.1. Most of the time, texts at Scholiastae will be more appropriate for intermediate readers — I don't comment nearly as much vocabulary in these. And a few of the texts are "live" — they are very incompletely commented, but get updated every few days, as I tackle a new section. See Epicurus' Principal Doctrines as an example of that (I hope some day to figure out the syntax of 23).

Early in Textkit's history I wrote a few basic tutorials. These disappeared in some upgrade, so I have taken the repurposing of Scholiastae as an opportunity to revive those: Notes on Aorist Morphology and Phonetics 101: the Consonants. There's one more currently being edited.

Now that I have a nice system in place to comment prose, it will be easier for me to make and share notes on prose texts that grab my attention. A few smaller texts will be appearing in the next few weeks. The Wiki got a few smaller poems with comments, so those will be preserved for Aoidoi in the next month, too.
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