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Aeolic Order of Architecture

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Aeolic Order of Architecture

Postby Jefferson Cicero » Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:49 pm


I have been interested lately in Greek and Roman Architecture, and having come across a fabulous video podcast course on Roman architecture available from Yale at http://oyc.yale.edu/history-of-art/roman-architecture, I have been looking for anything, podcast or otherwise, dealing with the development of Greek architecture, which uses pictures or video. So far not much luck.

Naturally, the one style of Greek architecture which interests me the most is Aeolic, precisely because it is the least well known style. So far, I have only found one out of print book on the subject, 'The Aeolic Style in Architecture, by Philip P Betancourt', which is listed on Amazon for over a hundred and twenty-one dollars!

Does anyone have any idea where even rudimentary information on the Aeolic style can be found? I would especially like to know what a complete Aeolic building would have looked like.
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