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Looking NT Greek help

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Looking NT Greek help

Postby zosimas » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:47 pm

I picked up a used copy of 'The New Testament is in Greek' by L. William Countryman. So far I like it because it uses verses from 1 John to teach, but I do not have the answer key that goes with the exercises. Since I'm on a limited budget, I can't just go out and buy a lot of new books. I know there are a lot of used books online, but it is hard to decide which one would fit my needs. I have Mounce's 'Basics of Biblical Greek' (I do not have the workbook or answer keys for that either, and the CD that came with it is an old edition that will not work on windows 7) and 'Teach yourself NT Greek' by Ian MacNair (which has the answers at the end of each chapter fortunately) but I find that book frustrating.

Can I scan a question in as a graphic to post here to get an answer?
Or if someone has other advise for learning NT Greek. The only foreign language I ever studied was one semester of Spanish and I needed a lot of help from tutors.

- Thanks

- Charles
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Re: Looking NT Greek help

Postby refe » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:19 pm

I would recommend that you get yourself the Basics of Biblical Greek workbook (it shouldn't cost more than $15 used) and work all the way through it. It's a lot easier to learn from than many of the older intro grammars. I've got a list of suggested resources here that may or may not help:

http://www.greekingout.com/new-testamen ... resources/

A good workbook is still not a tutor, but it can be a decent substitute if you don't have access to a living, breathing teacher or tutor.

Also, if you struggle to retain what you learn in the textbooks, I recommend that you spend some time just reading easy NT books like 1 and 2 John out loud as often as possible in addition to the work you're doing in the grammar. It's amazing how much this can help you to internalize the grammar and morphology you're learning - even if you don't really have much comprehension of what you're reading.
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Re: Looking NT Greek help

Postby jswilkmd » Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:41 am

The Biblical Greek learning program (A CD-rom for your computer) called "Greek Tutor" by Parson's Technology is EXCELLENT, and equivalent to a one-year seminary course in Biblical Greek. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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