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M&F Unit 3 Pg57 #20 in dextris / per dextram

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M&F Unit 3 Pg57 #20 in dextris / per dextram

Postby mariek » Wed Oct 29, 2003 10:31 pm

Validi incolae patriam et famam in dextris tenent. Per dextram oramus ut magna diligentia cum malis pugnent ut semper Romani simus liberi.

The strong of the island keep [in their favor / in their right] their country and their fame.
We beg by (our) right hand in order that we might fight with(against) the wicked with great diligence in order that we might always be free Romans.

I'm not sure about how to translate dexter/dextra/dextrum.

in dextris (abl) = in favor? in right?
per dextram (fem acc) = by the right hand?

tenent = present tense
pugnent = present subjunctive
simus = present subjunctive

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Postby bingley » Fri Oct 31, 2003 11:38 am

I would translate the first sentence as:

The strong men of the island hold fame and their country in their right hands.

I think you've basically got it in the second sentence, except that pugnent = they might fight, not we might fight.

Another possibility is "that we Romans might always be free".
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