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TomTom Latine

Postby bedwere » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:59 pm

Salvete, amici! Desidero voces in meo navigatore satellitari in lingua Latina audire. Facile enim videtur voces novas creare, sicut hic explicatur. Mendasne invenire potestis? Gratias!

Hello, friends! I want to hear Latin voices in my satellite navigator. For it seems easy to create new voices, as it is explained here. Can you find errors! Thanks!

00 After
01 50
02 80
03 100
04 200
05 300
06 400
07 500
08 600
09 700
10 800
11 Metres
12 You have reached your destination
Quo tetenderatis ibi pervenistis
13 Turn right
Flectite vos dextrorsum
14 Take the second left
Capite secundam a sinistra
15 Take the second right
Capite secundam a dextra
16 Take the third left
Capite tertiam a sinistra
17 Take the third right
Capite tertiam a dextra
18 Exit ahead
Exite porro
19 Exit left ahead
Exite porro sinistrorsum
20 Exit right ahead
Exite porro dextrorsum
21 Ahead take the ferry
Conscendite porro in navim trajectoriam
22 Ahead keep left
Tenete sinistram porro
23 Ahead keep right
Tenete dextram porro
24 Left turn ahead
Flectite vos sinistrosum porro
25 Right turn ahead
Flectite vos dextorsum porro
26 U turn ahead
Reversio porro
27 Bear left
Vos movete sinistrosum
28 Bear right
Vos movete dextrorsum
29 Toll charge
30 Depart
31 Keep left
Tenete sinistram
32 Keep right
Tenete dextram
33 Stay in the left lane
Manete in curriculo sinistro
34 Right in the right lane
Manete in curriculo dextro
35 Take the motorway
Capite stratam autocineticam
36 Take the exit
Capite exitum
37 Take the exit left
Capite exitum sinistrosum
38 Take the exit right
Capite exitum dextorsum
39 Go around the roundabout
Circumite rotundam aream
40 Cross the roundabout
Transite rotundam aream
41 First exit
Primus exitus
42 Second exit
Secundus exitus
43 Third exit
Tertius exitus
44 Fourth exit
Quartus exitus
45 Fifth Exit
Quintus exitus
46 Sixth exit
Sextus exitus
47 Go left at the roundabout
Ite sinistrosum in rotunda area
48 Go right at the roundabout
Ite dextrorsum in rotunda area
49 At the end of the road
In fine viae
50 Sharp left
Subito sinistrorsum
51 Sharp right
Subito dextrorsum
52 Go straight on
Ite in directum
53 Take the ferry
Conscendite in navim trajectoriam
54 Then
55 Turn around when possible
Cum potueritis, convertimini
56 Turn left
Flectite vos sinistrosum
57 Make a U-turn
Convertimini retrorsum
58 Yards
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Re: TomTom Latine

Postby adrianus » Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:50 pm

roundabout = compitum circinum, nisi fallor
ahead, forsàn porrò ut dicis, vel rectâ seu viâ rectâ, dicam
Why plural not singular commands?
Cur pluraliter non singulariter personae sunt verba imperativo modo?
destination = locus designatus
Cum potes, convertere. Si possible [est], convertere.
sharply = actùm vel acutè
make a U-turn = deflecte in U [litteram] / deflecte sicut u [litteram describens] ?
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I'm writing in Latin hoping for correction, and not because I'm confident in how I express myself. Latinè scribo ut ab omnibus corrigar, non quod confidenter me exprimam.
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Re: TomTom Latine

Postby bedwere » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:47 pm

Gratias, Adriane! Usus sum forma plurali quia in Italica versione tali numero sint.

Thanks, Adrian! I used the plural form because in the Italian version they are such.

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