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Sentence Translations

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Sentence Translations

Postby deus123 » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:59 pm

Could someone please help me translate these sentences from Latin to English? I've included my own attempts, but please give your own answer (or say "right" or "correct" if your answer totally coincides with mine) - also, if I've mistranslated due to missing a grammatical error, please point that out as well. Literal translations would probably be better to enable me to understand my mistakes.
Thanks in advance.

    Torquatus, vir severus sed pugna fortissimus, suis imperavit ne extra ordinem irent ut cum hostibus pugnarent.
    Torquatus, a serious man but a very brave fighter, ordered him not to go outside the line in order to fight with the enemies.

    disciplinam enim militum hoc modo augere volebat.
    For he wanted to increase the discipline of the soldier in this way.

    Titus tamen prope stationem quandam Latinorum aderat.
    Titus however was near the outpost of the Latins.

    ibi Geminus Minucius, equitum hostium dux, ridens dixit eum secum pugnare timere.
    There, Geminus Minucius, the leader of the enemy cavalry, said laughing that he was scared to fight with himself.

    Torquatus tamen vultum a filio avertit et 'Tite Manli' inquit 'quod neque imperatori neque patri paruisti, te interfici iubeo'. his verbis dictis omnes milites miseri erant. Torquatum enim ferocius egisse credebant quam deberet.
    Torquatus however turned his face away from his son and said, “Titus Manlius, because you obeyed neither the emperor nor your father, I order you to be killed.” When he had said these words, all the soldiers were miserable. For Torquatus believed that he had to act fiercely.

    sed ex illo tempore ei semper parebant et officia sua diligentius faciebant. Latinis igitur hoc anno superatis, Torquatus a militibus laudatus est.
    But at the time he always obeyed and did his duties diligently. Therefore, when the Latins were overpowered in that year, Torquatus was praised by the soldiers.
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Re: Sentence Translations

Postby adrianus » Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:47 pm

suis = his men (indirect object // objectum indirectum)
...near a certain outpost...
...that he, Titus, was scared to fight with him [Geminus].
For they believed Torquatus acted more severely than he should have.
I'm writing in Latin hoping for correction, and not because I'm confident in how I express myself. Latinè scribo ut ab omnibus corrigar, non quod confidenter me exprimam.
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