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Classical Latin in Fallout: New Vegas

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Classical Latin in Fallout: New Vegas

Postby quendidil » Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:02 pm

I don't know if any of you here are playing or have heard of this game but just FYI, there's a bit of Latin pronounced classically in this game. There is a faction known as Caesar's Legion (pronounced [kaisar] by faction members and certain informed outsiders which wear armour styled to resemble Roman armour as well as being organized similar to the Roman legions. I won't spoil it completely here but when you eventually meet the "Caesar" here (a former anthropologist and linguist) he tells you why he found Roman culture a suitable base for building a post-apocalyptic empire upon. They usually try to keep v's as [w]s, hard c's and u as [u] but even Caesar slipped once -- he called a man named Lucius "looshus". On the whole I think it's pretty interesting, they could have gone with the anglicized pronunciations but they chose to adhere to some ideals of reconstructed Classical pronunciation; granted the voice acting on the whole isn't superb (some would say it's terrible) but I think the only pity about this is that most players won't appreciate it. Hopefully they may wonder about why the legionnaries pronounced the words funnily and go on to search though.
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