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Iliad 1:78 b)

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Iliad 1:78 b)

Postby Bert » Tue Oct 21, 2003 1:22 am

[face=SPIonic]h)= ga\r o)i/omai a)/ndra xolwse/men, o(\j me/ga pa/ntwn[/face].
Pharr in section 1107-6 says (in part) "The subject of an infinitive is usually in the accusative, but may be omitted when it is the subject of the leading verb,..... "

Is this what is happening here? Ie; is the one who is doing the thinking also the subject of [face=SPIonic]xolwse/men [/face](I think I am about to anger the man, who rules....) Or is [face=SPIonic]a)/ndra [/face]the subject (I think that a man will anger him who rules....)
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Postby Paul » Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:59 am


I believe it's your first choice: "I expect to anger a man, who rules mightily..."


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