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Basic Greek Sentences

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Basic Greek Sentences

Postby tharmon » Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:49 pm

I have just begun to study Koine Greek. I typed a few example sentences to see if I am understanding. Please correct my mistakes.

1. Jesus is the Christ.
i) ιησους εστι ο χριστος.

2. I am (a) man.
ειμι ανθρωπος.

3. Jesus is the Son of God.
ιησους ο υιος του θεου.

4. I am his brother.
ειμι αυτου o αδελφος.

5. I love him.
αγαπω αυτον.

6. I love the word of God.
αγαπω λογον θεου.
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Re: Basic Greek Sentences

Postby modus.irrealis » Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:45 am

The only issue is the word order. You probably know that in general different orders are correct but "emphasize" different things, but some words have more restriction, like ειμι, which in general can't come first (the main exception is εστι/εισι when it means "there is/are"). So

tharmon wrote:2. I am (a) man.
ειμι ανθρωπος.

ανθρωπος ειμι.

4. I am his brother.
ειμι αυτου o αδελφος.

ο αδελφος αυτου ειμι. αυτου needs to come after the word it goes with.

6. I love the word of God.
αγαπω λογον θεου.

Or τον λογον του θεου to translate the "the" of the English.
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