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Please criticise my pronunciation

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Please criticise my pronunciation

Postby Hampie » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:37 pm

I’ve read one of the chapters in LL aloud and recorded it, and I would like to hear what I can make better in my pronunciation. Well, that’s basically it :P. I’ve uploaded the mp3-file with my reading here.
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Re: Please criticise my pronunciation

Postby Alatius » Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:34 am

Thank you! I like it; very clear pronunciation. (Maybe too clear! But that is only natural when reciting like this. :)) What follows is mostly some nitpickings:

Take care not to lengthen stressed syllables. For example, at 0:54 you say proppe. (But I think you know that.)

You sometimes give an accent to the last syllable. For example, at 2:35 and following: portánt * 2, ambulát, portánt, ambulánt. Compare with the much better pórtat at 2:57 (but again wrongly portánt at 3:06). Teachers sometimes stress the endings when reciting the paradigms (that is, to stress the differences), a practice I very much dislike since it teaches the wrong stress patterns. Watch out for that; I think it's your main fault.

Short vowels in bŏnus, mălus.

I'm not sure, but it sometimes sound to me like you pronounce equum with three syllables (e.g. at 8:13, *"ē-ku-um"?). Better ĕ-kwum.

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