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At regina dolos...

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At regina dolos...

Postby katarzyna » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:22 pm


Could anyone check the task I have done? I would be very grateful:)

At – conj
Regina – Regina, reginae I, f, N królowa
Dolos - podstęp
Quis – zaimek
Fallere – fallo, fefelli, falsum, fallere 3, paes., act, inf oszukać
Possit – possum, potui, posse móc coniunt, paes, act
Amantem – amans, amantis III, f, Acc

Praesensit – praesentio, praesensi, praesensum, praesentire 3, perf act ind
Motusque –moveo movere movi motum masc n sing
Excepit – excipio, excepi, exceptum, excipere 3 perf act ind
Prima – primus, prima, primum
Futuros – futurus, futura, futurum (f.p. of sum) masc. acc. pl. 1 lub 2

Omnia – omnia, omne, omnis III f
Tuta – tuta-um, tutior—or, us, tutissimus – a – um (bezpiecznych)
Timens – timeo, timere, timui III
Impia - impius, impia, impium adj
Fama – fama, famae I, f, N
Furenti – furo, furere fem sing abl (szalejącej) ???

Detulit - defero, deferre, detuli, delatus perf , ind
Armari - armo, armare, armavi, armatus 1, paes, infinit
Classem - classis, classis Acc III f
Cursumque – cursus, cursus II m, Acc
Parari - paro, parare, paravi, paratus

Saeuit - saevio, saevire, saevivi, saevitus
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Re: At regina dolos...

Postby adrianus » Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:38 pm

I'm writing in Latin hoping for correction, and not because I'm confident in how I express myself. Latinè scribo ut ab omnibus corrigar, non quod confidenter me exprimam.
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