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Thanks : )

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Thanks : )

Postby BillWood » Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:48 pm

Hey Everybody out there in Textkit Land
I just found some flash cards, and found a couple other threads I would like to join, but did not for times sake. But I wanted to tell you folks that I see an awful lot of work that has been and is being done. What a gold mine! So, you've generated enough info here to keep a person busy for years already, and you are still going strong : ) My hats off to Jeff and all you other posters here. In my mind, even the questioners posts are important, it gives those that have already been around the block a time or two an opportunity to use their skills too, and indirectly help others like me learn something I was dumb enough to not even ask about : ) So, my thanks again to everyone involved!!! Keep up the good work Bill
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Re: Thanks : )

Postby Damoetas » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:29 pm

Hey Bill,

I'm glad to hear that you find it beneficial! And I agree, the redesign that Jeff has just done is great.... It's cool to see all the new people starting to post on the site again. I guess I'm someone who answers more questions than I ask; but learn a lot just from doing that, because it forces me to look things up, or think about them in a way that I hadn't thought about them before....

Take care and good luck with your studying!
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Re: Thanks : )

Postby Jeff Tirey » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:40 pm

BillWood wrote: My hats off to Jeff and all you other posters here. Bill

I appreciate that Bill, but truthfully, I'm a very small part of Textkit. I'm amazed and grateful to all that spend so much of their time helping others learn. I just got the ball rolling a bit and truth be said, I have been absent from Textkit a great deal while building my other companies. I need to work more here to help transform Textkit it new directions.
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