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New member introduction

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New member introduction

Postby amOamasamat » Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:38 am

SalvE! SI valEs, valeO! I am an architect in Evanston, Illinois, teaching myself Latin as time permits. I am using the Wheelock's Latin text and English Grammar for Latin Students. Any advice or suggestions for better study is certainly welcome. While semper fidelis is compelling, I am more of a semper ubi, sub ubi kind of guy.
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Re: New member introduction

Postby BillWood » Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:48 pm

You asked for an idea. I'm new here myself, just put my first post up last night : ) My idea is that you go to a print shop and get one of those little hard case business card holders. Then they usually have a bunch of scrap card stock either free or very reasonable. Make yourself a dozen or so flash cards to fit in that case and slip it into your pocket. Take it out when ever you are waiting for the wife at the grocery store, or at the DR's office etc. There are quite a few moments every day that you sit and twiddle your thumbs waiting for something to happen, all that time adds up. Of course you replace the cards when you get fairly familiar with your memory work, but keep them for review on one of those rainy days. Just an idea, and if you do that already, great. Those print shops often have larger card stock too, I get 3.5 X 5 every once in a while for a pack of 300 for around .50 cents. Another easier way to work on the vocabulary is to zerox off a page or two from a dictionary, fold it nicely and slip it in your wallet : ) Good luck in your studies, and hopefully we will meet again shortly. Cheers Bill
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