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Random D'Ooge

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Random D'Ooge

Postby pster » Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:27 am

I am starting Latin for the second or third time. I did sorta know it for a year in college (M&F then). Anyway, as I posted elsewhere, I am using a Cicero interlinear and table of paradigms to structure my studies, but as a reference I have switched to D'Ooge. I was using Wheelock, but I found a $5 copy of the D'Ooge and like some of the features such as the summary of syntax (very nice!). Anyway, I was wondering whether D'Ooge is suitable to use as a grammar? Can I just drop in and do one of the hundred odd lessons if I feel I should practice something, OR is the book in some way cumulative that would make random servings less than optimal? Also, I like the fact that Wheelock has excerpts from the greats. D'Ooge doesn't seem to. Am I right about that, or have I missed something? Also, lastly, it seems you guys have all kinds of D'Ooge supplemental materials. Is there a list of links somewhere to what is available to supplement D'Ooge? And what kind of name is that? D'Ooge?

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Re: Random D'Ooge

Postby rustymason » Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:08 am

I suppose you could do the lessons randomly, but the vocabulary and topics are cumulative, so it might be kinda difficult. For a refresher "grammar" though, it's pretty good.
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Re: Random D'Ooge

Postby ingrid70 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:14 am

pster wrote: And what kind of name is that? D'Ooge?


Just for fun: D'Ooge is originally a Dutch name, from the south-east of the Netherlands (province of Zeeland), roughly translatable as 'the eye', or rather 'Th'Eye'. I have been googling around for my family-tree, and have discovered that I have a D'Ooge as forbear.

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