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WHD Rouse - Lucian's Dialogues

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WHD Rouse - Lucian's Dialogues

Postby KramerKram » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:49 am

In Via Nova; or, The Application of the Direct Method to Latin and Greek, the author laments the lack of any truly good, introductory, direct-method, Greek textbooks. But he does say that Rouse's Lucian's Dialogues does make a good second year textbook.

I found what appears to be Volume 2 of Rouse's book on Google Books. On page iv of the preface, he states that the notes are in Greek, but I can find no Greek notes in the text. So my assumption is that in Volume 1 are the notes. This was affirmed by a reading on page vi of the preface, "The text alone is put into the boys' hands, the booklet of notes being kept for revision."

Does anybody know of this booklet of notes?
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