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Athenaze Translation Help

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Athenaze Translation Help

Postby IHMB2400 » Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:32 am

Help! This Herodotus will be the death of me! I know it is fairly long (to me at least) so any help at all is appreciated!

λαβοντες δε αυτον οι περσαι εγαγον παρα κυρον.
ο δε ποιησας μεγαλην πυρην ανεβιβασε επ αυτην τον κροισον τε εν
πεδησι δεδεμενον και δις επτα λυδων παρ αυτον παιδας, ειτε εν νοω
εχων αυτους θεων τινι θυδειν, ειτε πυθομενος τον κροισον ειναι
θεοσεβεα τουδε εινεκα ανεβιβασε επι την πυρην, βουλομενος
γιγνωσκειν ει τις αυτον δαιμονων σωσει ωστε μη ζωντα κατακαυθηναι.

ανεβιβασε = put him up on
πεδησι = shackles
δις επτα = twice seven
παρ αυτον = beside him
θεοσεβεα = god fearing, religious

- Adapted from Herodotus, around 86.2 I believe.
Thank you!
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Re: Athenaze Translation Help

Postby spiphany » Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:01 pm

Hi, can you post your own translation attempt first before asking us to do your homework for us?
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