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A plain English-Grammarspeak lexicon, anyone?

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A plain English-Grammarspeak lexicon, anyone?

Postby atticusg » Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:22 pm

The title pretty much says it all.* As of late I have been struggling with this omnipresent linguistic terminology in ALL of my language textbooks. Is there some magical plain English-Grammarspeak lexicon or dictionary out there that will finally clear this intellectual fog once and for all? It feels as though most of these textbooks are using a foreign language to explain a foreign language... and please, don't suggest any English grammars. I know my English pretty well already (e.g. Who vs. Whom, why "I aint never done that before" is totally illogical and painful to the ear, etc.), and never in my many years of knowing English did I ever encounter an English grammar which explained to me the function of the "locative" or "Dative" or "Ablative" in Russian/Latin/Greek or even what a "Declension" was (however, during my self-guided study of Russian I did finally grasp the concept of case/declension). I've technically won half the war with my understanding of cases, transitive vs. intransitive, etc., I just want to finish it off once and for all--I would like that nauseated feeling I get whenever I read Smyth's Greek grammar to just go, please, just go away. Thank you.

*Sorry, I guess the title DIDN"T say it all, but it is in my nature to elaborate..... and elaborate.
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Re: A plain English-Grammarspeak lexicon, anyone?

Postby Lex » Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:30 pm

I think I understand what you're asking for. If so...

There are a series of books out called English Grammar for Students of [blank], where [blank] can be Latin, French, Spanish, Italian or German, published by Olivia & Hill Press. Then there's NTC's Guide to Grammar Terms by Richard A. Spears. These might help.
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