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Greek Podcast

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Greek Podcast

Postby metrodorus » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:24 am

I am posting a blog post from David Clark, who needs some assistance in a collaborative WIKI project, to produce a Latinum-type podcast for Ancient Greek.

Hello All,

I am hoping to produce something for ancient Greek, similar to what Evan Millner has produced for Latin in his Latinum podcast. I hope this becomes a community effort.

The Greek Ollendorff text is great, but it has one problem, it has no answer key. I have started a Greek Ollendorff Answer Key at pbwiki.
Any registered user at pbwiki should be able to edit the wiki. I have uploaded the answers for the first three chapters of the Greek Ollendorff text and I am issuing an open invitation (and plea!) for others to correct my work. I hope the wiki is self explanatory. I especially need those experienced in classical Greek to help identify my mistakes so that I don't sound quite so stupid when I record the audio.

The Greek in the Ollendorff is VERY easy and builds up very gradually. It's a very nice way to either learn the basics of ancient Greek or to complement a Greek grammar. I find the gradual build up much easier for learning. In any case if you know Greek already checking my answers should be very quick for you to do. If you are learning Greek hopefully my answers will help you out in doing the exercises.
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