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The Hopperizer: Link texts to Pereus/Diogenes LSJ lexicon

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The Hopperizer: Link texts to Pereus/Diogenes LSJ lexicon

Postby LSorenson » Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:26 am

Hello all,

Tom Moore at KataBiblon.com (a Greek/English online New Testament/Greek Old Testament site) has an online tool called "the Hopperizer" which can be found at http://www.katabiblon.com/tools/perseus-hopperizer/. The Hopperizer is both a betacode converter and an LSJ lexicon linker. The only LSJ lexicon linker available on the internet. Paste in your homework and you'll save a lot of useless time typing in lexicon lookups.

The Hopperizer does a number of the cool things such as:

* Link a betacode text (TLG/Perseus or B-Greek) or Greek Unicode text to the Perseus' website's online LSJ Hopper lexicon (with or without converting) or to Diogenes' LSJ lexicon when a local computer has it running!
* Convert B-Greek or TLG/Perseus betacode to Greek Unicode (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Convert Greek Unicode text to TLG or B-Greek betacode format (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Convert TLG/Perseus betacode to B-Greek betacode and vice-versa (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Optionally retain the original Greek text while converting between betacode and Unicode (this feature still has a couple kinks to be worked out under certain scenarios)
* The Diogenes option is a new option, and there may be some unknown bugs in certain situations

By pasting in the selections from emails and archives and other stored documents into the Hopperizer, a person can

* Read betacode emails/texts in both betacode and actual Greek
* Link the Greek and/or betacode words to Perseus' LSJ hopper lexicon/Diogenes LSJ lexicon
* Convert B-Greek betacode to more-readable actual Greek
* Add the Greek text to B-Greek emails which contain only B-Greek betacode

Some other uses for this tool are:

* Paste selections from online grammars (such as Funk) and link the Greek words to Perseus/Diogenes LSJ lexicon
* Use the tool to check parsings for Greek exercises (as long as the form is in Perseus' LSJ database)
* See if Greek sentences written by students are actual Greek words and not misspelled or mis-accented

The Hopperizer is Unicode aware. It retains the formatting for passages. It will link Greek words with hyphens such as ἀγορ-ίζω to the correct word (even Perseus' hopper does not do that!).

Tom's Kata Biblon website (http://www.katabiblon.com/) does not yet have a direct link posted, but the utility is online and available. The link to the Hopperizer is http://www.katabiblon.com/tools/perseus-hopperizer/ . Take a look at it and feel free to give him any suggestions you have. Tom can be contacted at tom@katabiblon.com .

(This post has been copied/edited from the Learning Greek forum from a post on 12-15-2008. The original post can be found at http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8918 )

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