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Advice/Feedback please

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Advice/Feedback please

Postby LatinResources » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:17 pm

Hi, Im not entirely sure if this has to be about the books on textkit but... :?
I am new on here but have a blog where I provide sheets which I struggled to find whilst trying to revise for my GCSE Latin exam. I no longer study it, but was wondering if any of you would be good enough to tell me whether the order in which I post things is correct or suggestions for future posts since at the minute it is slightly haphazard. I hope you like it and Thank you in advance,and if you find any problems with it please don't hesitate to tell me since I want to make sure it is all right.
So here it is: http://www.latinresources.blogspot.com :S
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