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Verify adjective comparison

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Verify adjective comparison

Postby Boban » Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:36 pm

1) wiser then others
prudentior ceteris

2) condigner of glory then all soldiers
dignior laude omnibus militibus

3) from all boys most anxious of love
omnium puerorum cupidissimus amoris

4) from all girls wisest
omnium puellarum prudentissima

5) condigner of knowledge then other girls
cupidior scientae ceterarum puellarum

6) soldiers more skilfull then Romans
milites peritior rei militaris quam Romanos

7) poet more avid for glory then other people
poeta avidior honoris quam omnes homines

8) most beautiful piece of famouse poet
pulchrius opus celebris poetae

9) example to citizens more usefull then words
exemplar utilius civibus quam voces

Sorry if my english is not best.
If someone can post some link to good Latin-English online dictionary, I would be gratefull.
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