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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio secunda

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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio secunda

Postby Franmorar » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:32 am

De variis formulis latinae linguae colloquendae

Lectio altera seu secunda

De valetudine

How are you? Is your health good? = Ut vales? (sing.) /Ut valetis? (pl.)
Have you been in good health until now? = Usque valuisti (valuistis)?
What illness are you suffering from? =Qui (or quis) te habet morbus?

I am fine, I am in good health = Bene mihi est / Bene valeo / Commoda utor valetudine /Valetudine bona sum affectus.
I am not (really) fine = Minus belle me habeo / Minus valeo.
I feel a little better = Meliuscule mihi est.
I am in better health than ever = Sic valeo ut numquam melius.

Is your brother in good health? = Salvusne frater (tuus/vester) est?
Is every one in your family in good health? = Rectene apud te (vos)? / Ut valetur domi tuae (vestrae)?
[Possible answers: affirmative: Recte / Bene valetur. Negative: Non recte / Minus valetur.]

I am ill = Morbus me tenet / Aegroto / Morbo laboro.
I fell ill = In morbum delapsus sum / Morbo correptus sum.
My illness is getting worse = Ingravescit morbus (mea).
I take care of my health = Valetudini consulo / V. servio.
To convalesce = E morbo emergere / E m. recreari.
My brother has a fever = Frater in febrim incidit.
He has no fever anymore = Febris (ei) evasit / F. quievit.
I think I'm going to vomit = Nauseo (verb: nauseare or nausiare)/ Nausea (abl.) affectus sum.
I don't feel (sea)sick anymore = Nausea abiit.
I have a stomachache, my eye (my tooth) ache = Ex intestinis, ex oculo, e dente laboro / Intestina (oculus, dens) dolores movent (movet).
He fainted = Animus eum defecit.

Finis lectionis secundae.

Valete omnes, interretiales amici!
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Postby Lucus Eques » Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:11 pm


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Postby Amadeus » Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:29 pm

Very nice, Franmorar. :)

Man, we really need blog capability here at Textkit. It would look better and it would be easier to handle.
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