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How to translate this sentence?

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How to translate this sentence?

Postby MAHaifeng » Wed May 21, 2008 4:09 am

De traditione vero quam semper in locis secundum leges fieri necesse est, si magistratus, defensor, aut duumviri quinquennales forte defuerint, ad conficienda introductionem gesta tres sufficiant curiales: dummodo vicinis scientibus impleatur corporalis introductionis effectus.

This is an edict issued during the reign of Theodericus, and I am trying to translate it in the following way.

About the delivery which is necessary to be made in the places regulated by the law, if the magistratus, defensor, or duumviri quinquennales are absent occasionally, three citizens would afford deeds to make an introduction, and if the neighbors know the fact, the effect of introduction would be personally fulfilled.
Is it right :?:
Thanks in advance
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Postby adrianus » Wed May 21, 2008 8:18 pm

Salve MAHaifeng

This is what I think. Sic verto:
"Concerning the proper management of how it must always be done in regions according to (the) law(s), if the magistrate, the defense lawyer, or the two (five-year-)appointed commissioners should happen to be away, three district-court members may suffice to introduce/implement any acts that need to be performed; provided the constitution of the implementing body [comprising the three district members] is done with people within the locality being aware."
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