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Word order

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Word order

Postby kembreg » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:48 am

Hi all.

Ok, the normal word order is with the verb at the end, but I read that often, even in normal sentences the Romans would have the verb 2nd to last.

My question is I think one of style.

Which, in the opinion of the member of the forum, would be better:

1) Pecuniam misi in nomine alterius agricolae.
2) Pecuniam in nomine alterius agricolae misi.

Is the in needed?
Or would it be better just to have nomine on its own?


1) Pecuniam misi nomine alterius agricolae.
2) Pecuniam nomine alterius agricolae misi.

Gratia ago,

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Postby adrianus » Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:52 am

I only just noticed your question, Cambrensis, and it's a shame to leave it unanswered. Yes indeed, it is a question of style but also of meaning and emphasis. So your first sentence, I believe, gives a particular emphasis to "in the name of the other farmer" by ending with it.
Tuam quaestionem, Cambrensis, modò animadverti, quae certim responsum meret. Profectò, res suavitatisque et sensûs et emphasis in loquendo est. Ut credo, tuâ primâ sententiâ, quae cum clausulâ "in nomine alterius agricolae" concludit, quaedam emphasis illae clausulae datur.

Also, just as in English, "in the name of -- in nomine" communicates a specific sense when the ablative alone might be ambiguous (as in "by the name of" or "with the name of"). [Similarly, I say "in loquendo" rather than "loquendo" for "in speaking" in my Latin sentence above, 'though I could always be wrong about this, of course.]
Sicut autem anglicè, dictio "in nomine" minùs dubia est quam casus ablativus secum.
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Postby adrianus » Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:59 pm

"in nomine alterius agricolae" = "in the name of another farmer" or "in the name of another to the farmer". Both?
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