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Schola - id agit ut Latīnē scrībendī ars col�tur

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Schola - id agit ut Latīnē scrībendī ars col�tur

Postby metrodorus » Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:04 am

"Cum err�re hūm�num sit, nē timueritis scrībere, metū errandī perm�tī. Scripta autem aliēna n�līte corrigere, nisi auctor auxilium petit."


Schola now has over 480 members
, and is a new 'safe' place to write in Latin. Only Latin is allowed,
no other language may be used. Since starting up at the end of January 2008, Schola has seen a burst of activity - lots of Latin is being written, by users of all ability levels, about all kinds of topics - film reviews, diary entries, a never ending story, etc. 2-3 new members sign up per day. There is a large contingent of neo_latinist academics who are active members, plus a significant number of beginners and near-beginners.

Every Schola user gets their own blog, and can send private or open comments to other users, and comments can be made on other users blog posts or letters and notes. Private comments are not published on the site, and can be in any language. Publicly viewable postings must be in Latin.

Schola also hosts sub-groups for grammar, theology,poetry,epistolary arts and news stories.

You'll only get comments about your grammar on Schola from other users if you ask for them - in Latin. Commenting on other users' use of Latin is not allowed, unless you're invited by them to comment.

Producing a language is an important part of learning it, and
correcting produced language by a person who is still coming to grips
with it is counter productive if it stops them from producing it at
all. Despite all the people learning Latin, there is little actual
use of the language online in the accessible fora devoted to Latin, with only a handful of people regularly writing anything regularly in Latin at all.

Schola is intended to help address this problem, by providing a
relaxed environment, where people whose Latin is very good can mix
with tyros, and get on with the job of developing their Latin skills
through actual usage of the language.
Most errors resolve themselves over time as study advances, and the
language is used.
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vocabulary resource offered

Postby metrodorus » Wed May 28, 2008 8:41 pm

Those of you who have not visited the website called SCHOLA,
Might be unaware of the vocabulary resource offered:
At present this comprises of just on 2 300 images and photographs, each with the latin word or phrase written on it.

These can be downloaded, and played as a slideshow, or saved to an ipod for the same.
The vocabulary lists at present is that of William’s Vocabulary for Speaking Latin.
It is constantly being updated.

Visit SCHOLA at: http://schola.ning.com
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Postby Scribo » Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:32 pm

I want to join but my Latin is so terrible and I'm working through A lvls at the moment. :( I'll join in two weeks or so. ^^
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