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Rules of The Academy (Version 1.2)

Philosophers and rhetoricians, Welcome!

Rules of The Academy (Version 1.2)

Postby Raya » Mon May 19, 2003 7:23 pm

In essence, this is the place for Discussion and Debate.

Suitable Topics
In general, anything which has multiple viewpoints is suitable. So, the range of possible topics is quite diverse, from Is Mathematics A Language? to This Thread Does Not Exist!.
Threads here do NOT necessarily have to be serious! So long as you can discuss/debate a topic based on evidence (factual or facetious as the case may be), it's allowed.

The Nature of Discussion
Your posts should do at least one of the following:
1) Introduce the topic (if you've started a new thread)
2) Make claims (i.e. argue a certain point of view), which should be backed up by evidence
3) Question the evidence (or lack thereof) from an earlier post in the thread


Please stay on topic. If you find yourself inspired by what you read to discuss/debate a different topic, please post it in a new thread.
And, kindly don't let threads turn into chit-chat. We have the Open Board for casual conversation - and you're welcome to start threads there which spin off from discussions here.

Moderators may split threads or delete posts if the discussion goes too far from the original topic.

No flaming, or other offensive behaviour, will be tolerated. Posts may be edited or deleted by the moderators for offensive content.

Feel free to contact the moderators, preferably by PM (Private Message), if you have any trouble.
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