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Postby Bert » Mon Sep 01, 2003 1:29 am

Sometimes I don't know if an adjective belongs to one noun or to more of them. Here are some examples:<br />Section 143 line 4 of Pharr; [face=SPIonic]e(khbo/loj e)poixetai prw=ton ou)rh=aj kai\ ku/naj a)rgouj[/face] <br /> Does [face=SPIonic]a)rgou/j[/face] belong to both [face=SPIonic]ou)rh=aj [/face]and [face=SPIonic]ku/naj[/face] or only to [face=SPIonic]ku/naj[/face]<br />Line 5 is similar; [face=SPIonic]o)le/kontai ou)rh=ej kai ku/nej aryoi/[/face]<br />I assume it only belongs to dogs because swift is not generaly considered a apt description for mules.<br />But how about line 1 of section 128;<br />[face=SPIonic])Apo/llwn a)/nac a)mfibe/bhke Xru/shn Ki/llan te zaqe/hn[/face]. Are both Cilla and Chrysa holy or only Cilla.<br />Thank you.<br />Bert.
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Postby klewlis » Mon Sep 01, 2003 2:12 am

I never know whether I can transfer my koine practice to here, but hopefully:<br /><br />without any other indicators such as articles and forced positioning, I think the only things we have to go on are context and immediate positioning... in the first case I would say that both context and position place the adjective with the second noun. in the second example I'm inclined to say that they are both holy... but I don't really have a reason to give for that except instinct :)
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