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Question regarding the expression of disproportion

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Question regarding the expression of disproportion

Postby Lumen_et_umbra » Tue Aug 26, 2003 12:15 am

Is there much, if any, difference of signification amongst the following means of expressing diproportion in Latin?<br /><br />1. quam pro<br />2. quam ut<br />3. quam qui<br /><br />Sententiae exempli cavsa adsvnt. (I hope that translates well. ;) )<br /><br />1. Minor caedes quam pro tanta victoria fuit.<br />The loss was too small for so great a victory.<br /><br />2. Quis non intellegit Canachi signa rigidiora esse quam ut imitentur veritatem?<br />Who doesn't understand Canachus' figures to be to rigid to imitate the truth?<br /><br />3. Maior sum quam cui possit Fortuna nocere.<br />I am too great for fortune to injure me.<br /><br /><br />And my other question is: is there a construction which circumvents one or more of those obove and which translates more literally?<br /><br />Thanks! :)
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