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The subject of h(/vdane in Pharr 48 line 7

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The subject of h(/vdane in Pharr 48 line 7

Postby Bert » Sat Aug 23, 2003 1:38 am

Pharr section 48 line 7 reads [face=SPIonic]e)filhsa qea\n qala/sshj, a)ll' ou)x h(/ndane e(khbo/lw| qumw=|[/face]<br /> I translated this as -I loved the goddess of the sea, but it/she was not pleasing to the Sharp shooter in his heart-.<br />What was not pleasing, the fact that I loved the goddess (it), or the goddess (she)?<br />Thank you.
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Re:The subject of h(/vdane in Pharr 48 line 7

Postby annis » Sat Aug 23, 2003 2:44 am

I think either one is acceptable, and that only context will show what is intended. Since l.24 of the Iliad has an impersonal subject, [face=SPIonic]a)ll' ou)k )Atrei/dh| )Agame/mnoni h(/ndane qumw=|[/face], I incline to the impersonal, "but it was not pleasing..." but no dictionary I have excludes the possibility that a human being can [face=SPIonic]a(nda/nein[/face].
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