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JWW exercises, paragraphs 599, 600, 601

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 599, 600, 601

Postby Koala » Mon Oct 04, 2004 3:07 am

Thank you Skylax for your ongoing help!!

[face=SPIonic]tou/tou ti/j a1n moi ta0ndro\j h]n pronou/steroj;[/face]

Some further grist for the mill..

1. while they live the brave continue/pass-the-time happily
2. on hearing (this), the soldiers became violent and were extremely angry with Clearchus
3. if one/we must fight, let us fight bravely
4. why did you, being wronged by me, ill treat my country?
5. while neither having been in peril nor undergone hardships, they were much more honoured by Cyrus than the other soldiers
6. for the remaining days the Greeks proceeded safely
7. and he shouts, both in the barbarian tongue and in Greek, that the king is near with a great army
8. therefore they were labouring gladly and eagerly
9. hearing the valour/goodness of Cyrus, they accompanied (him) more cheerfully and eagerly
10. indeed it is necessary to say this: how should we proceed both as safely as possible, and, should there be a need to fight, to battle most-bravely/in-the-best-way
11. being in many hardships, they were proceeding slowly

[face=SPIonic]a. h3dista ei1q 0h1kouon to\ tou= kh/rukoj o1noma
..h1..7h3dista bouloi/mhn a1n a0kou=sai to\ tou= kh/rukoj o1noma
b. Kle/arxoj a0ei\ e0ko/lazen i0sxurw~j
g. ei0 h0ma=j dei= poreu/esqai, sxolai/wj poreuw/meqa
..h1..7ei0 a0na/gkh e0sti\ poreu/esqai, ..
d. h0rw/ta ei0 oi9oi\ t 0w}sin a0sfalw~j menei=n e0n tai=j kw/maij
..h1..7oi9oi\ t 0ei]en a0sf..
e. oi3de ou0k e0po/nhson ple/on h2 oi9 loipoi\ tw~n stratiwtw~n

“Consequently I do not fear that I may not have sufficient gifts for my friends, if I accomplish what I’m leading the expedition for, but that I may not have sufficient friends. Also will I give each of (you) Greeks a golden crown.” When they heard this they were both more eager themselves and reported (it) to the others. The generals and certain of the other Greeks were asking him what (there) would be for them if they won. Promising many great things he dismissed (them).

[face=SPIonic]gela|= d 0o9 mw=roj ka1n ti mh\ geloi=on h|][/face]
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Postby Skylax » Thu Oct 07, 2004 6:00 pm

10. I am not sure that I understand fully your English : in any case the [face=SPIonic]pw=j a)\n[/face] applies to both [face=SPIonic]poreuoi/meqa[/face] and [face=SPIonic]maxoi/meqa[/face], because of the [face=SPIonic]te[/face] determining the first word of the first of two coordinate groups : so it means « how should we proceed… and (how should we) fight… »

a. I think the second solution is right, the first one expressing regret (« If I could only hear… »). You could simply say « [face=SPIonic]h(/dist’ a)\n a)kou/saimi… [/face]»

g. [face=SPIonic]dei=[/face] denotes a moral constraint, [face=SPIonic]a)na/gkh[/face] a logical inevitability

d. « could remain » : I would not use a subjunctive here (there is no deliberation), but rather [face=SPIonic]a)/n[/face] with a potential optative, so [face=SPIonic]ei) oi(=oi/ t’ a)\n ei)=en[/face]. – For [face=SPIonic]e)rwtw= ei) a)/n[/face] and the optative, see for example Anabasis, 4, 8, 7)

[face=SPIonic]e. e)po/nhsan[/face] :)

601 – ok

[face=SPIonic]eu)tuxh\j o( mw=roj[/face]
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