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JWW exercises, paragraphs 574, 575, 576

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 574, 575, 576

Postby Koala » Thu Sep 09, 2004 11:28 am

my suggestions for the exercises from Lesson LXI - with thanks

1. he ordered the generals to draw up the Greeks
2. those who were pursuing quickly stopped
3. for Cyrus thought that the King would come to fight with his army
4. send villagers to spy out (lit: spying out) how the rear guard are (lit: have it)
5. indeed then/there Cyrus feared lest the King might cut down the Greek army
6. the soldiers did not hear that he led them
7. they were asking Cyrus what he might wish to use the army for
(orginal: [face=SPIonic]ti/ bou/lei th|= stratia=| xrh=sqai;[/face]
8. and Cyrus said the way would be towards the Great King
(original: [face=SPIonic]h9 o9do\j e1stai pro\j basile/a me/gan[/face]
9. but I will delay lest the messengers fear that we will not make the truce
10. the snow hid both the men and their weapons
11. the generals ordered (them) to bury the men
12. he said that in this way they might inflict some evil on those at home
(original: [face=SPIonic]ou3twj a2n tou\j oi1koi kako/n ti ei0rga/santo[/face]

[face=SPIonic]a. o970Oro/ntaj, nomi/saj tou\j i9ppei\j e9toi/mouj ei]nai, e1grayen e0pistolh\n para\ basile/a
b. ei1pon o3ti e0lpi/daj kala\j kai\ polla\j e1xomen ni/khj ..h1.. e1xoimen ni/khj
g. au0tou\j keleu/ei ske/ptesqai ti/ e0stin to\ kwlu=on ..h1.. ti/ ei1h to\ kwlu=on
d. stra/teuma sune/lecen a0po\ tw~n xrhma/twn tou/twn
e. o9 satra/phj e1lecen o3ti Ku=roj basilei= e0pibebou/leuken ..h1.. e0pibebouleu/koi

I will teach you into what sort of struggle you are going: for the number of barbarians is numerous, and they attack (come up) with much shouting – if you endure this, in-every-other-way/as-to-all-else, I am ashamed (to say/think) what sort of men my countrymen are. But if you be (truly) men and my affairs work out well, (then) I will make, those of you who wish to return home, an object of envy – but I think many will wish to remain with me.
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Postby Skylax » Thu Sep 09, 2004 8:00 pm

3. (JWW is a filou : here [face=SPIonic]doke/w[/face] means « think », thus : ) « Cyrus (nominative) thought that the King (accusative) would come to fight (future participle)

6. (the optative with [face=SPIonic]o(/ti[/face] : here rather an oblique optative denoting an indirect discourse, thus : ) « the soldiers did not hear that he led them… » (cf. Anabasis, I, 3, 21)

7. [face=SPIonic]bou/lh|[/face] : yes, but in Attic Greek, they said only [face=SPIonic]bou/lei[/face] « you wish » [face=SPIonic]oi)/ei[/face] « you think » and [face=SPIonic]du/nei[/face] « you are able to »


g. « orders », thus [face=SPIonic]keleu/ei[/face] …
d. [face=SPIonic]a)po/[/face] with the genitive :)

ok – Here, JWW’s adaptation of Xenophon’s text was questionable : see I, 7, 4 and feel the difference.
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