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Epictetus Discourses 1:1

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Epictetus Discourses 1:1

Postby JauneFlammee » Wed Sep 01, 2004 4:01 pm

Has anybody here tried to read Epictetus? Is it just me or is this greek extremely difficult? (I thought he would be a piece of cake because I'm very familiar with him in translation and I read that his greek usage was similar to biblical greek).

Anyway,heres my actual question.

Epictetus Discourses 1:1
[face=SPIonic]*tw=n a)/llwn duna/mewn ou)demi/an eu(rh/sete au)th\n au(th=s qewrhtikh/n, ou) toi/nun ou)de\ dokimastikh\n h)\ a)podokimastikh/n. [/face]

Here is my best guess:
You will find not one of the other powers itself (is?) capable of beholding (herself?), not for scrutiny nor rejecting.

I'm defininitely getting thrown off by the 'autnv autns' part.

What does 'autns' mean here? does 'autnv' go with 'oudemiav'?
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Postby Skylax » Wed Sep 01, 2004 7:06 pm

Yes, it is koine Greek and yes, it is very difficult, because of two characteristics which Epictetus shares with other Stoics : the language is intentionally unvarnished but full of technical terms.

The [face=SPIonic]duna/meij[/face] here are arts, almost doctrines : Epictetus will mention Grammar, [face=SPIonic]mousikh/[/face] and finally Logics, the sole art being able to "behold herself herself"

[face=SPIonic]au)th\n au(th=s qewrhtikh/n[/face] is an "adjectivisation" of the phrase [face=SPIonic]au)th\ au(th\n qewrei=[/face] "She beholds herself herself" Such phrases are common in Plato. [face=SPIonic]au)th\n[/face] is thus attributive (she does it herself), and [face=SPIonic]au(th=s[/face] an objective genitive (Herself is what she beholds). :roll:
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