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JJW Book, Xenophon, etc...etc

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JJW Book, Xenophon, etc...etc

Postby Dean » Sun Jul 20, 2003 5:38 am

I have been using JJW mostly for the reading exercises and haven't had too much trouble with it. The question is: Where do I go from here? Can anyone suggest some selected passages from the Anabasis for reading? There have to be some that are more entertaining (or better) than others? If this was a Latin forum I might be able to suggest some as I had more literature there :)
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Re:JJW Book, Xenophon, etc...etc

Postby Jeff Tirey » Fri Jul 25, 2003 11:40 am

I'm looking for a reader that is a selected passages from xenophon - they're out there but one hasn't come my way yet.<br /><br />I did manage to find a very nice Selected Passages From Plato by Author Sidgwick (this is a great book).<br /><br />My suggestion is to move on to Goodwin's Grammar/First Four Books of Xenophon. That's the next step from the publisher's and authors point of view. If you want, download the Anabasis in English and skim it looking for passages that you think are interesting and then find that passage in Greek and go from there. <br /><br />Jeff
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Re:JJW Book, Xenophon, etc...etc

Postby Ptolemaios » Fri Jul 25, 2003 2:31 pm

I've read the end of book IV, because of the famous qa/latta qa/latta passage (4. 7, 24), where the Greeks for the first time see the Black Sea near Trapezon (modern Trabzon).<br /><br /> Eu)/xomai se e)rrw=sqai <br /><br />Ptolemaios
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