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An Introduction

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An Introduction

Postby Ξερξης Βασιλευς » Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:02 am

Hello, Salvete seu Χαιρετε, Ξερξης Βασιλευς ειμι ( or Xerxes Rex if you prefer the Latin.)I am new here but I have studied Latin for about 4 years and have been studying Attic Greek for about a year. I joined this site to be apart of a community that has a love of classical history, culture, literature, and language. I work as a substitute teacher in California and have my BA in European History, moreover I will begin pursuing my Masters this coming winter in European History.

As to my abilities with Greek and Latin, I feel relatively confident with my abilities in Latin and am able to read and express my thoughts (with writing) fairly comfortably in the language. With Greek not so much as I have worked with the language for far less time and am still working through the Hansen and Quinn intensive course, although I am nearing the end.

As for other languages I recently (that is to say two days before the time of writing this) I have also begun learning French.
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