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Bibical Greek Verbal System

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Bibical Greek Verbal System

Postby Requiescat » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:25 pm

I would just like some clarification on a few things before I press forward. Essentially I am looking to understand the verbal system of Koine Greek, but have found it very difficult finding clear information about it's complete forms et al. As I understand it there are basically two main types of verbs; omega verbs and -mi verbs. The other type being irregular. Of the verbs forms, there are three voices, six tenses (present, imperfect, aorist, future, perfect, pluperfect) and four moods (indicative, subjunctive, optative, imperative) with two non-finite verbs in the participle and infinitive. So these forms when listed out are as follows:

Present Indicative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)
Present Subjunctive (Active, middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)
Present Imperative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S2-3/P2-3)
Present Optative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)

Imperfect Indicative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)

Aorist Indicative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)
Aorist Subjunctive (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)
Aorist Imperative (Active, Middle, Passive)
Aorist Optative (Active, Middle, Passive)

Pluperfect Indicative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)

Future Indicative (Active, Middle, Passive) (S1-2-3/P1-2-3)

Present Participle
Aorist Participle
Future Participle
Perfect Participle

Alot of information there, so any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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