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A.T. Robertson-baptizo, rantizo, etc + Holy Ghost baptism

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A.T. Robertson-baptizo, rantizo, etc + Holy Ghost baptism

Postby Filie » Sun Apr 18, 2004 4:48 pm

I would like to have any information about his view on use of the words related to the baptism, particularly from the Koine accessment.

Also his greek interpretation of the Holy Ghost baptism would be appreciated.

Unfortunatelly as I don't have neither his "Short or Big Grammar", I would be relying on the information you post to me.

The doubt came about on reading that his family used to attend a presbiterian church, he was converted at a baptist church (revived) and taught in a conservative baptist seminary (correct me if I am wrong).

As the years went by and his knowledge increased I assume there must have been some changes in his view, either for refutation or support. I simply don't know what happened, how and why.


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