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Ask for Help! A Line from Isocrates

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Ask for Help! A Line from Isocrates

Postby alexisoxon » Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:08 pm

Ask for Help! A Line from Isocrates

Dear all, I recently came across this line in an English text of seventeenth century. And as a beginner of Attic Greek, I am unable to completely decode this sentence, especially its mysterious last part joined by a hypen. Could anyone offer me a literal translation of it? Thank you all in advance!
In the original text, there is a sign on the epsilon in this part “σιμβ&λευσαι”, one that is the same with that on this omega “ῶ” Sorry I do not know how to type it.

Ανάγκη πάδε ἐπαινέσαι περί δε τῶν σιμβ&λευσαι
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