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My answers to Schoder & Horrigan course, Lesson 110

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My answers to Schoder & Horrigan course, Lesson 110

Postby huilen » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:13 pm

Index of lessons

Lesson 110

Odyssey passage exercise:

#407 τοὺς δ' αὖτ' ἐξ ἄντρου προσέφη κρατερὸς Πολύφημος·
#408 "ὦ φίλοι, Οὖτίς με κτείνει δόλῳ οὐδὲ βίηφιν."
#409 οἱ δ' ἀπαμειβόμενοι ἔπεα πτερόεντ' ἀγόρευον·
#410 "εἰ μὲν δὴ μή τίς σε βιάζεται οἶον ἐόντα,
#411 νοῦσόν γ' οὔ πως ἔστι Διὸς μεγάλου ἀλέασθαι,
#412 ἀλλὰ σύ γ' εὔχεο πατρὶ Ποσειδάωνι ἄνακτι."
#413 ὣς ἄρ' ἔφαν ἀπιόντες, ἐμὸν δ' ἐγέλασσε φίλον κῆρ,
#414 ὡς ὄνομ' ἐξαπάτησεν ἐμὸν καὶ μῆτις ἀμύμων.

Scanned verses:

#407 τοῡς δ' αῡ|τ' ε̄ξ ᾱν|τροῡ προ̆σε̆|φη̄ κρᾰτε̆|ρο̄ς Πο̆λῠ|φη̄μο̆ς·
#408 "ω̄ φῐλοῐ, | Οῡτῑς | με̄ κτεῑ̄|νεῑ δο̆λω̆ | οῡδε̆ βῐ|η̄φῐν."
#409 οῑ δ' ᾰπᾰ|μεῑβο̆με̆|νοῑ ε̆πε̆|ᾱ πτε̆ρο̆|ε̄ντ' ᾰγο̆|ρεῡο̆ν·
#410 "εῑ με̄ν | δη̄ μη̄ | τῑς σε̆ βῐ|ᾱζε̆ταῐ | οῑο̆ν ε̆|ο̄ντᾰ,
#411 νοῡσο̄ν | γ' οῡ πω̄ς | ε̄στῐ Δῐ|ο̄ς με̆γᾰ|λοῡ ᾰλε̆|ᾱσθαῑ,
#412 ᾱλλᾰ σῠ | γ' εῡχε̆ο̆ | πᾱτρῐ Πο̆|σεῑδᾱ|ω̄νῐ ᾰ|νᾱκτῐ."
#413 ω̄ς ᾰρ' ε̆|φᾱν ᾰπῐ|ο̄ντε̆ς, ε̆|μο̄ν δ' ε̆γε̆|λᾱσσε̆ φῐ|λο̄ν κη̄ρ,
#414 ω̄ς ο̆νο̆|μ' ε̄ξᾰπᾰ|τη̄σε̆ν ε̆|μο̄ν καῑ | μη̄τῐς ᾰ|μῡμω̄ν.

#408. φίλοι has the second syllable short because of the hiatus correption.
#412. Why is the penult syllable of Ποσειδάωνι long?


And the mighty Polyphemus in turn addressed them out of the cave: "O friends, Nobody is killing me by trickery, no by force." And they, answering him (with) winged words, spoke: "if nobody indeed constrains you being alone, it is not possible to escape in any way the disease of the great Zeus, but do pray to (your) father, the king Poseidon." So they spoke going away, and my dear hart rejoiced, that my name and excellent cunning beguiled (him).

#407. αὖτε marks sequence here with the verb πρόσφημι, meaning "to address in turn" or "to answer".
#414. ὡς is a conjuntion here that expresses a fact, like ὅτι.

English to Greek exercises:

1. A cruel fate would have constrained me to hide for nine days in that deadly cave with the pitiless Cyclops, if Zeus had not pitied me and saved me from utter destruction.

σχέτλιη μοῖρα βιάζε με κεν κεύθεσθαι ἐννῆμαρ ἐν κεῖνῳ θοῷ ἄντρῳ σὺν νηλεὶ Κύκλωπι, εἰ Ζεὺς μὴ ἐλέησε με καὶ σῶσε ἀπὸ αἰπέος ὀλεθροῦ.(*)

(*) Contrary-to-fact construction.

2. Seeing the admirable man, the brother of my dearest companion, proceeding alone down the road, I shouted and urged him to wait until I reached where he was.

ὁράων ἀνύμωνα ἄνδρα, κασιγνητὸν φὶλτατου μεῦ ἑταῖρου, στείχονα οἶον κατὰ ὅδον, βόησα τε καὶ ἄνωξα μιν μίμνειν εἷος(*) κίχοιμι τῇ ὁ ἦν.

(*) εἷος + opt: relating to an event future in relation to past time.

3. Peace is the fruit not of force but of justice, and the world will never have it while men hate or wrong one another.

εἰρήνη ἐστι καρπὸς οὐ βίης ἀλλὰ δίκης, καὶ κόσμος οὐ ποτε ἔξει τὴν εἵως ἄνθρωποι μισέωσιν ἤ ἀδικέωσιν ἀλλήλοι.

(*) εἷος + subj: when the whole action is future.
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Re: Answer key continuation of the S&H course, Lesson 110

Postby Qimmik » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:48 pm

ω̄ φῐλοῐ, | Οῡτῐς με̆ | κτεῑνεῑ | δο̄λω̄ | οῡδε̆ βῐ|η̄φῐν

_ v v | _ _ | _ _ | _ v v | _ v v | _ v

με is long, followed by two consonants (i.e., a closed syllable)

-λῳ in δόλῳ is short in hiatus.
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Re: Answer key continuation of the S&H course, Lesson 110

Postby huilen » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:15 pm

Thanks for revise the scans, I will modify the posts with the corrections.
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